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Provincial Government

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The Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power constituted in the political-administrative demarcation whose limits are fixed by the law, is the Superior Organ of the State, and, consequently, is invested with the highest authority for the exercise of the state functions, within the frame of its competence, and in accordance with the law, it exercises government.

Correspondingly, for the exercise of its functions, the Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power relies on the work commissions, the Popular Councils, the Administration Council, as well as the initiative and broad participation of the population, in close coordination with mass and social organizations.




It is an organ that exercises state and government functions, aimed at guaranteeing the economic and social development of the territory of Santiago de Cuba, with the authority to comply and enforce the laws and other provisions of a general nature adopted by the superior organs of the State; so that the work of the cradle of the Cuban Revolution is enhanced and strengthened.


It has a look to build a more beautiful, orderly, disciplined and hygienic province that advances towards an efficient development on sustainable bases to improve the level and quality of life of its citizens, preserving its varied and rich identity.

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